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Why was Bunny Wailer kicked out of Bob Marley Museum...the real story

Why was Bunny Wailer kicked out of Bob Marley Museum...the real story Featured

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If you want to know why Bunny Wailer may have been kicked out of the Bob Marley museum ,read this article. Check it: 

A statement from the Bob Marley museum claims proper protocol was observed in relation to Bunny Wailer as they museum was preparing a for diplomatic visit. The statement went on to explain that "It came to the attention of the museum staff that two guests to the museum, one of whom was Neville Livingston (Bunny Wailer), had made their way to the back of the museum and belligerently resisted the request of the security officers who asked all guests to make their way to the front of the museum as the police and Jamaica Defence Force were on their way to secure the property in advance."

It also closed with claims that the security guard was injured in the incident and stated that Livingston has been issuing threats to the Marley family for many years.


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