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Who leaked Busy Signal sex tape?

Who leaked Busy Signal sex tape? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Tuesday, 31 January 2017 21:44 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Mi haffi come outta retirement fi da one ya. People, mi rich and happy and ah live inna Ohio now but mi still a keep an eye pon oonu dutty life ah Jamaica, yes, mi see all and mi hear all. Mi hear say one of Busy Signal good good babymother go check Busy and give him a little piece and when him gone ah bathroom fi go wash up, my girl search through the laptop and up pops a sex tape with Busy and this girl Emily Henriques. She look like somebody else weh mi know but mi nah call up name.


The babymother jealous of all the money, the jewellery and the trips that Busy bestow on Emily, but the babymother fi remember say years ago, when dem did a go buss fi her sex tape with the old man from Canada, a certain artiste spend $100,000 fi get back the sex tape so it never buss pon the Internet. That sex tape never normal because it was called THROAT GAGGERS because the man did a rape her mouth with him bamboo and it never normal. Dem fi release it to exposejamaica.com. 

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