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We Chief Music collaborates with TOK @wechiefmusic @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 02 February 2015 11:09 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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After the success of their breakout track, Traits of a Chieftain with Anthony B, We Chief Music is moving forward with new tracks with dancehall group, TOK, and Jahdan Blakkamore. The ragga-infused EDM banger is now getting airplay on BBC radio 1xTRA in the UK, FM101 Power in Malawi, as well as HITZ FM and Zip FM in Jamaica. The song premiered on the world's largest reggae website, the European-based reggaeville.com, in January 2015. The track was produced by Geoff Rand of We Chief Music, and Nic Hard. T One876 did an interview with Geoff Rand as he explained the creative direction of his ragga-techno label.
What's next for We Chief Music?​

We are continuing to work on a lot of new music and putting together our live show. Right now we are finishing up tracks with TOK and Jahdan Blakkamore.

Which track has been your most successful to date?​

Probably "Traits of a Chieftain" with Anthony B., since it has received international radio play.

Why do you believe that dance music practitioners such as yourself and Major Lazer have such a love for dancehall and reggae music and culture?​

ANSWER:. A lot of dancehall/reggae/soca music circles around themes. For me, it's a creative mecca to take my own life experiences or just something funny and create a song around it. Going to dancehall parties here in NYC just makes me smile and is a pure mood booster. We attended J'ouvert this year in Brooklyn and we followed the beat of drums out of the back of a truck until the sun came up. The energy is contagious and it only makes sense that producers are incorporating these riddims in modern day dance music. Also, I grew up playing percussion and am attracted to the frantic pace and energy of soca drums and other world styles of percussion, which we incorporate into our tracks.

Which dancehall-reggae artistes would be on the top five of your Dream List to do a collaboration with??​

Working with TOK and Anthony B. has already been a dream come true. We have been influenced by and have respect for so many West Indian artists, but if I had to condense the list to five...Bunji Garlin, Sizzla, ​Sean Paul, DiGeniu​s​ and ​Chronixx​. ​So, if you're out there guys - we ready!

We Chief Music plan to tour Europe soon because the response has been amazing over there.

We are putting together our show now. We're not playing live until everything is ready because we are aiming for it to be an experience unlike any other. The response in Europe to our music has been amazing. As soon as we test drive our show here in Brooklyn and do some East Coast touring, I want to head out to Europe.
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