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Tajji, former Octane songwriter, speaks his mind with Dat Dem a Say Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Thursday, 11 August 2011 16:40 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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A talented songwriter with a bright future ahead of him, Tajji is not a regular garden-variety deejay with ABC rhymes and an ego bigger than his IQ. No, this young man believes that he is destined for great things in his life and he knows that only perseverance and faith can get him to where he needs to be - the top of the dancehall game.

TAJJI - THAT DEM A SAY by millsydon

The deejay has been steadily recording song since parting ways with I Octane three months ago. He said that it wasn't an acrimonious parting of ways and he does not regret the years he spent helping him with his career.

"Ah just one of those things that you have to experience, ah just my journey," he said.

Tajji said that Octane met him several years ago while Tajji was voicing a song at a studio. Octane recognised his talent and they became friends "ah roll and a par".

But recently, the friendship curdled.

"From him go England three months ago and the show get shoot up and mi call him girlfriend and ah try get to him to find out what happened at the show, mi no hear from him. Mi a call and him nah tek mi call dem, then mi hear say him ah gi mi a one month. So mi wonder to miself, who is him fi gimme a one month, so mi just do my ting," he said.

He said that he co-wrote several songs for I Octane including his most iconic songs such as Lose a Friend, My Life, Think a Little Time, Mama You Alone and Puff It. Tajji registered those songs with JACAP but said that he is yet to get a royalty cheque because mechanical spins

"Right now, mi nuh waan nothing from Octane, mi nuh want him sign me, or voice a song wid me, mi nah ride pon him name fi get a buss. I gave him the ability to earn, but mi nah go force nothing pon no man. Mi nuh have no grievance against him, right now, mi a find time fi do my work, before I was up and down
with him but it was not beneficial to me, and my yute soon born so mi haffi do what mi haffi do. I was there with him because I did not want to be disloyal but now is time to move on."

A graduate of Excelsior High School, this 26 year-old deejay is working hard on building his own repertoire of hit songs. The underground is feeling his song, That Dem A Say, a soulful gem of a song that delves into the depths of the wickedness that lies in men's souls.

"The song deep, just pree it," he said.

He has a bit of advice for young artistes just entering the music biz.

"Don't mix business with pleasure, some people tek your readiness to help and kindness for weakness."

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