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Quick Cook scores hit with One Day Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 16 December 2013 10:34 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dancehall’s slang general Quick Cook is getting a major response in the streets to his conscious single, One Day, on the Nevani Productions label. The single samples the melody of Sam Cooke’s 1961 hit, Cupid.

“Right now, mi a get a great strength inna the streets, Wee Pow endorse it himself, mi a get play from ZJ Liquid, Johnny Kool, Gary G, Bones, DJ Steel from Zip, Mama Elise, Digital Chris. Skyjuice go pon the mike at Bounty Sundays and say ‘Quick Cook, yu find it, this ah the biggest song’. The song is also on DJ Kenny’s mixtape. When it play ah Cash Money Wednesdays over Tower Hill, ah four corner forward,” Quick Cook said.
He said that plans are far advanced to shoot a video for the single in January. Biggs from Big Ship will direct the video.
“Right now, mi nah ramp with this song, the response huge. Dem like wah mi a do but dem fear it, dem nu like see mi rise, but dem haffi grin and bear it,” Quick Cook said.
In the single, Quick Cook sings Sam Cooke style: Bad mind no waan see mi rise/One day, mi a go gi dem a surprise/Quick Cook gonna break through one day
The line: ‘Dem nuh bad, dem only bad mind’ is a guaranteed forward in the street dances.
“It mash up outta All White over Container Sundays, tun up inna the four corner over Weddy, it loud inna the streets, Love Dust sound drop One Day and two other songs fi me over Cash Money Wednesdays and shell down the place. Africa and Guyana ah bawl fi me, but dem no get counting yet,” he said.
Quick Cook, with the help of noted songwriter Krymis from the Gully Side, has cranked up his production in recent months. He has singles such as the UIM-produced ‘You’re My Angel’ featuring DS on the Love Triangle riddim, ‘Wine and Kotch’ for the Miami-based Stash fi Cash Records and ‘Party Side Up’ for producer Charlie Pro.
“Right now, me and Krymis ah tek it to them wicked in the streets, the songs dem a pick up,” Quick Cook said. The slang-maker is known for his brilliant intros such as ‘riva stone buss dem head’ and the line, "Hear mi nuh Quick Cook, tell mi how di thing look," on Popcaan’s ‘Party Shot’. In recent times, he has been involved in a feud with Popcaan who changed the words of the song, to refer to Quick Cook as 'Fish Cook', while Quick Cook has two released YouTube videos, warning the former Gaza-deejay to refrain from using his name in a disrespectful manner. "Get counting. Clip Clip Clip Pow. No joke no inna it. No shakiness. Gi dem it!!!! Mi ah gi dem it. Fi the 2014, Gi Gi Gi Dem It! Four corner forward, full clip a torture!" Quick Cook said.
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