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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 21 July 2010 11:10 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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People, a wah do some gyal? Ah me say four day weekend because ah Sumfest mi ting de, Iberostar here I come, mi room book bout one month ago and mi apply fi mi leave so dem caan stop it, Chris Brown, Usher, Beenie Man, Mavado, Vybz Kartel the ting ah go sell off. That's why mi say mi man and mi man say me, him tek care of me and me tek care ah him, mi just buy him three pair of Clarks fresh from England weh mi beh mi higgler friend get fi me and him sort out mi Iberostar room. Some gyal caa live dem life ya because dem mash out like crackers! Mi a hot gal, mi born hot, ah me name Abena, and mi ting SORT OUT!


What a way the government plan fi try sell Elephant Man convertible BMW and as luck woulda have it, mi need fi sell mi CRV so now ah the right time fi get something posh. Mi just waan somebody email me and mek me know when ah the auction because da car de caan miss me, yu mad!!!! Thank you Ele!

Mi get a joke from mi good friend the other day say a certain entertainer who is now deceased go one obeahwoman outta east who claim say she tek a nail outta him balls, some old 50 cent coin and a half a CD wid the words 'Die' outta him head. How mankind so wicked? Mi suss friend from Yardflex tell me say she know the obeahwoman because she did go to her one long time ago fi sort out herself and she know say the woman is a fraud. How? Well, when the woman did a move to her fi tek something outta her head, the coins drop outta her hand and the woman nuh do nothing more than just charge her half price and mek she gwaan. That's why mi a buy a pound of skipping rope and skip out some people company da year ya, dem a iniquity workers and CROSSES!!!! Before dem go doctor, dem a gi weh dem money ah obeahman. Damn fool fool!



Why 876grapevine ah give it to Liquid so and ah talk up the tings dem say him de inna sex tape wid the man name Roshan? Why kick the man when him down, it nuh look good rasta worse yu know say Liquid ah one ah the biggest gallis round town.

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