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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 18 June 2012 13:17 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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    Mr. Vegas is hopping mad that artistes from a middle class and lower class background are being neglected at the expense of the uptown artistes in the reggae and dancehall game. He says this is no more evident than in the Jamaica50 project.
"No disrespect to the producers or artistes on this 50th anniversary song, but if this is the music that best represent our 50yrs of independence, then I need to fall back to sleep & don't wake up. The bias & favoritism is so ugly in Jamaica & they are not even trying to hide it anymore. I have never been approached to be a part of any project that represent Jamaica, because those slots are reserved for the uptown artists and their friends, not necessary for the artists who works hard, and is relevant outside of Jamaica," Vegas ranted. 
I sent "Sweet Jamaica" Feat Shaggy & Josey Wales to the Jamaica Tourist Board & they said its not doing enough, I must try again when it start doing better, I hope this POP 50th Anniversary song is what you were looking for. If you think I am badmind, i've heard that so many times when I speak the truth; I will post your POP 50th Anniversary song & "Sweet Jamaica" and let the people judge for themselves. God nah sleep. http://youtu.be/Z7cCJ8MpFgU
I am not saying that this (SWEET JAMAICA) should be THE song for our 50th anniversary, but I think this is what Jamaica is about! You can't hide the truth from the people, it should be no bias or favoritism involve with our presentation, because we are all Jamaicans. http://youtu.be/yJvmeIbKbNo
Nuff artists & people agree with what I am saying, but dem fraid to speak out! Well REBEL VEGAS huh fraid fi talk. I am a Jamaican, so I have a voice in this. All who say "SWEET JAMAICA", (like) this or retweet it. Let them know you are taking note
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