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LAUGHY LAUGHY TUESDAYS/Toya's Birthday Party Pics Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 23 November 2010 03:16 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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MAN CUTS OFF OWN PENIS, DOG EATS IT An elderly Romanian man mistook his penis for a chicken's neck, cut it off and his dog rushed up and ate it, the state Rompres news agency said Monday.


The 67 year-old man, Constantin Mocanu, from a village near the southeastern town of Galati, rushed out into his yard in his underwear to kill a noisy chicken keeping him awake at night.

"I confused it with the chicken's neck," Mocanu, who was admitted to the emergency hospital in Galati, was quoted as saying. "I cut it ... and the dog rushed and ate it."

Doctors said the man, who was brought in by an ambulance bleeding heavily, was now out of danger.

Tuesday night's rendition of Bob Marley's classic "One Love/ People Get Ready," sung by Artie (the criminally underrated Kevin McHale) and Puck (Mark Salling, who recently released his debut solo album, Pipe Dreams). The theme of last week's anti-bullying, pro-tolerance episode when they sing the everlasting words, "Let's get together and feel all right/ I'm pleading to mankind/ One love." BIG UP BOB MARLEY!!!!



Mi memba the incident pon Rebel Salute that year. Turbulence and Natural Black and some a di other odda hurry come up ras dem did waan perform earlier than their scheduled performance time and dem did a claim seh dem have other show fi do and REBEL tell dem no. But when Turbulence finally get the go ahead, Ron Muschette mussi style him wid the mike and confusion start so him cut, and then when Black go up, him do him complete set, dem diss up the man as Tony Devil, everybody shock when him do it.


How Toya so brown? Nobody caan tell me nothing, she tek the pill, look how she look ah her party when she stand up beside the Killer.

What is going on between Brown Shuga and Tommy Thompson? Mi never even know say him did a manage her till me read the story pon the Star awhile ago. What a passa passa!

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