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Jonnah disses DJ Lux and Kasanova

Jonnah disses DJ Lux and Kasanova Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Friday, 04 August 2017 16:17 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Former Magnum Kings and Queens winner Jonnah has released a diss video on his Instagram page mocking the disappearance of Kasanova as a massive publicity stunt.   


"Stop trick the people dem and gwaan like yu waan style the ting, all you suck pussy Lux, oonu fi gweh. Tell the man fi go inna the studio and go meds something if yu waan buss, ah so oonu waan highlight? Ah so yu love likes and dem ting de bad man? Wah kinda controversy that? At tell people say yu dead and dem ting de. Stop tell lie, mi just see yu little while, how mi no see family ah come forward and bawl, mi no see it inna the Star, Observer or none of the main media outlet dem, so how oonu ah come ah tell lie?" Jonnah said. 

"Tell the people dem say yu want a hit song. Ah the same ting we de ya ah do, just try and try again. Alkaline put in contact lenses and now yu a come fake your death. If yu have a real enemy and dem kill yu , then nothing caan come out of it because yu dun tell people say yu dead already, all eediat Lux know that."

The police are still unsure of the whereabouts of missing entertainer Kasanova. 


According to a detective of the Portmore C.I.B who spoke on condition of anonymity, the police is still investigating his disappearance and they are yet to receive any leads as to his whereabouts.


"We don't have any leads at this time. The artiste's mother made the report at the Cross Roads police station and because he was living in Portmore, we are making checks on this side, I drove with his mother to the house of  his manager, Sheldon Lincoln, but we have no more leads at this time," the officer said. 


Kasanova (given name Ariel McIntosh) is a 23-year-old singjay who hails from West Cumberland in Portmore, St Catherine. He has been reported missing since Thursday, July 20.


Before he went missing, Kasanova left a cryptic message on his Instagram page about freedom. 


“It will all end soon. Rather die a free man than live in bondage... There comes a time when you have to lose your life to live your life and lose all in order to win the one thing that matters most, Freedom."


Earlier this week, his manager Sheldon 'Jay Bad' Lincoln said he has been receiving death threats following the artiste's disappearance. He said the artiste packed up his important documents before leaving West Cumberland.


"I don't think that he is dead. Why would he pack up his documents if he didn't have a plan? I don't know what happened to him, I haven't heard from him, his family has not told me that he has contacted them, but I have nothing to do with his disappearance," Lincoln said. 


Kasanova is of dark brown complexion, slim build and is about 6 ft 3 inches tall with bleached skin.

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