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Iyara and Deva Bratt clash was highly entertaining Featured

Entertainment News Written by  50 CAL Tuesday, 27 December 2011 08:30 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Iyara got the biggest forward during his clash with Deva Bratt wid the line: 'A who teach deva sprat pon di blackboard/ fi fuck likkle pickney when pussy so cheap roun a backroad'.

Why Deva Bratt carry board gun over Sting? Iyara ask: whe him a go wid board gun?'. And why Deva Bratt wear full white go over the clash like a cricket match him a play? Nobody neva win da clash de. It unresolved. How Iyara ah walk and tell people say him win war when him never complete the killing? Him try a little ting wid a little pickney ah say 'deva bratt rape me', but the crowd never like it. Iyara, how yu a gwaan like rape ting is a joke ting?

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