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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 17 November 2011 16:30 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Could Vybz Kartel REALLY be slapped with five more murder charges when he faces the court on December 2, 2011? Dem a try put the serial killer label on Kartel as dem push fi the death penalty inna him case. Anyting Kartel do, him overdo it but the police dem well serious wid him, dem mean fi mek an example outta him this time fi all the artistes dem fi see. When society ready fi dash yu weh, is a hell of a ting. Every murder weh him name call pon now is going to be investigated, and it gives the police the chance to clear up some of them unsolved murders plus make it look like dem really a work hard. Dog nyam him supper ya now.
But mi sure Kartel nuh waan nobody feel sorry fi him. The news is that other artistes could soon be charged and mi see big ad inna the newspaper ah offer ONE MILLION DOLLARS fi information on Joel Chin murder. Mi hear say nuff overseas artistes who waan come a Jamaica fi do work ah think twice now, who waan come a Kingston when so much music people involved inna wrongdoing?
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