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I Octane shoots My Life video Featured

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I-Octane recently wrapped up the video shoot for his popular single My Life. The video was shot on location at the Lindsay Crescent studio in Kingston and is now in the editing stages.


Directed by Asha Mchail and the song is produced by DJ Frass, it is expected to come with a strong storyline. The artiste says that fans can look out for “something that will depict the everyday twist and turns of life.”

“You know life comes with a lot of surprises – some good some bad. While the video will not be going into all that drama…you will still be getting a ‘little taste’ of my life,” pointed out I-Octane on his upcoming video which he says is expected to be premiering soon.

My Life is presently on the Jamaican charts and feedback coming from the streets is that it is one of the most requested songs in the dancehall right now.

Other singles that has been garnering success for the artiste is Lose A Friend and Think A Little Time

I-Octane recently recorded the song Hold You in My Arms for radio jock turned producer ZJ Chrome. The song is featured on the Cardiac Bass rhythm project.

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