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  Today marks another milestone in the life of super-talented dancehall-reggae superstar Tanya Stephens who celebrates her birthday.   She thanked all the well-wishers with a feisty but upbeat post via her Facebook page. But she still managed to get in a few barbs directed at her detractors.  
"Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Typically I crawl under a rock and enjoy the silence for my birthday but today this is the state of mind I'm in. I love my country and that will never change. Love oonu all when oonu hate oonu self! Peace and love," the post read. 
She also used the opportunity to take a potshot at the PNP apologists and supporters who have been posting derogatory comments about her over the past two days.  
"To Mr. Garfield Higgins and the National Observer, thanks for injecting a glimmer of light in what seemed like a wasteland of darkness. It is extremely demotivational to extract gratitude from citizens for what amounts to ineptitude and ultimately failure. I am willing to donate blood to help manufacture the immunization you now need against the "suck yu mumma" rants that you are now doomed to be infected with. My complete respect and gratitude for restoring some of my faith in our media, and a warm welcome to the realm of 'big pussy gal' Tanya Stephens!" the post said.
She was referring to a June 25th article dubbed "Portia's broken promises and missed opportunities".
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