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Frass Hill tells Jamaicans to 'Go For It'

Frass Hill tells Jamaicans to 'Go For It'

Entertainment News Written by  Thursday, 21 December 2017 14:22 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dancehall artiste Frass Hill believes that artistes need to take an internal gut-check to do songs that don't feed into the bloodlust and gun violence that is plaguing Jamaica today. That is the major reason he chose to do an inspirational song called 'Go For It' on producer Anju Blaxx's new 'Zombie' riddim to buck the trend of trigger-pulling gun songs in dancehall.   
Instead, the artiste opted to push against the tide of gun songs and voice an inspirational song seeking to elevate the minds of the youths. 
"To tell you the truth, if I did a gun song, it would just be another gun song but I wanted to come out of the box, especially with how the crime rate a gwaan and the fact say two artistes and two producers have been killed in the past couple of months, I wanted to do a song to change up the meds of the youths," Frass Hillreasoned. 
In the past three months, two artistes, namely Gaza Maxwell and Donovan 'Unicorn' McMurray, died violently while two producers, Ralston 'Tru Blue' Wellington and Cleon 'Corey Mineral Boss' Jones were also mowed down in gun violence. 
"I felt I could do a one song that would show the youths that everyone have use inna life, so long as yu have life inna yu body, there is hope. Ah almost 1400 people dem kill a Jamaica this year alone, 300 plus inna Mobay alone, so there is a time for everything and right now is the time for peace, not time for just another gun song," the 28-year-old artiste whose real name is Emelio Kirk Paulo Johnson, said. 
He said that he is not criticising other artistes who continue to churn out gun songs that populate street mix tapes and street dances across the island. 
"Gun songs are a part of dancehall, but there is a time for everything, especially with how my community of Gregory Park ah run, how Jamaica ah run and what is going on in the entertainment fraternity, we have to be leaders and not lead the flock astray," he said. 
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