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Entertainment News Written by  aka Thursday, 14 April 2011 02:28 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dancehall is an intensely competitive industry and from time to time, its main proponents turn into combatants when passions boil over. ONE876 has compiled a list of five of the best dancehall face-offs.



1. Deva vs Munga

Many dancehall insiders refer to this fight as one of the best ever and those with front row seats still talk about it today. Munga, incensed that Deva Brat had pushed a member of his entourage after the stage, used his microphone to slap him in the back of the head and then he began to whale on Deva. However, Deva, who is used to 'throwing down' stepped back and when the smaller Munga rushed in to deliver a few more blows rocked him with a right hand that threatened to dislodge a few of Munga's teeth. Then the two were separated by security. MEMORABLE QUOTE: "Oonu ah try mash up Father Pow ting?" Watch it at http://youtu.be/SOWP3aT7UWU


2. Jah Cure vs Sizzla

While there is no actual footage of the 'Rumble Between the Rastas', there are enough anecodotal stories about the fisticuffs between two of the leading rasta firebrands to write a chapter. The jist of what went down between the two was that Sizzla offered some friendly advice to


3. Buju Banton vs Ninjaman

Buju Banton delivered a terrible beat-down to Ninjaman late one night after he had violated Buju Banton.


4. Kartel vs Ninjaman

A young microphone-swinging Vybz Kartel gave a savage ass-kicking to Ninjaman in front of a shocked Sting
audience. Watch it at http://youtu.be/jP-6uTtm00g


5. Lexx vs Foota Hype

It was the punch heard around the world. Mr. Lexx, fed up with Foota Hype's teasing about his oral sex activities, became incensed and ran across to deliver a well-timed punch to Foota Hype's face just after he encouraged the girls to "walk on Lexxus tongue". He was upset that Lexxus and Vegas had done a song with his name inna it and was in the process of playing an anti MEMORABLE QUOTE: 'the gal dem nuh need no taxi fare when dem can walk free pon yu tongue". You can watch it at http://youtu.be/rjqbPwjbtUA

6. Buju Banton vs Junior Reid

Buju Banton and Junior Reid got into it backstage at the annual Best of the Best concert.


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