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Entertainment News Written by  abena Tuesday, 19 April 2011 15:20 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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That's why me caan gi weh Digicel fi nothing, dem gi weh $100 million dollars to Bustamante. DEM A DI BOSS! But why dem neva call my phone last night? Crazy crank call mek last night, mi know mi and my friend dem mek some and ah frighten people and ah tell dem say dem win a million dollars, pure almshouse mi gwaan wid, especially when Yendi did a call bout six people, and the suspence did a build. How Jamaican people so bad mind? Why the people dem inna the studio coulden cheer the woman inna the audience who win the $1 million when dem only win Blackberry?



How so much people lock off dem phone last night?

Why it tek Yendi about six or seven times fi get somebody fi gi weh a million dollars to?

How Ms. Kitty did such a great job pon the Digicel 10th anniversary show?

Mi pap up when she say, 'how da man ya sound like him under him phone so?'

How it so hard fi gi weh a million dollars?

How some ah the people dem who get call so fool?

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