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Dane Ray makes inroads in South American market

Dane Ray makes inroads in South American market Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Friday, 30 September 2016 20:26 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Dancehall artiste Dane Ray has made a significant breakthrough as his latest singles, 'Top Jockey' and 'Punununu' are gaining traction in the dancehall-loving markets of Central and South America.   
"I'm bringing something different, musically, along with a new sound and new melodies so maybe that is why I have such a large fan base in Central America. They appreciate my kind of music which is generic dancehall mixed with Latin American reggaeton," he said. 
He recently completed a South American tour which began on August 10th, and ended on September 15th which featured appearances on gigs in countries such as Columbia, Panama, Chile and Colon, an island off the coast of Panama. 
"I did eight shows in all, mostly club venues, and one show was actually on a beach. I got a great reception from the fans who knew my Top Jockey song, I won over a lot of new fans," the artiste whose real name is Waldane Hampton, said.
The producer-turned-singer Dane Ray recently released 'Dolla Dolla', produced by Charm B Productions, a New York-based label which Dane Ray has been working with since November 2015.
"The single, 'Dolla Dolla', is giving me a buzz locally, it is playing on the radio and in the streets with the help of Fire Sounds, Boom Boom and CD Fantasy. But songs like 'Top Jockey' and 'Punununu' are the ones doing well overseas," Ray, 24, who is from St Ann, explained.
He recently shot a video for 'Punununu' while he was in Chile. The video, which is now in post-production, will be released in October. 
As a producer,  he earned major props when he scored a 2015 hit with Charly Black's chart-topping single, 'Jamaican Every Day' that did well overseas, but now he is firmly focused on his solo artiste career.
"The sky is the limit with Charm B Productions ah manage my career," he said. 
Fans can keep in touch with Dane Ray via Instagram and Twitter @daneraymusic.
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