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Could cocaine possession case against George Nooks be thrown out?

Could cocaine possession case against George Nooks be thrown out? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  Thursday, 01 June 2017 17:52 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Could inconsistencies in the evidence proffered against George Nooks lead to the case being dismissed? Attorney at law Tom Tavares Finson believes so. 


He said the police, through Senior Superintendent McArthur Sutherland, gave a different location for the alleged crime.

Sutherland, head of the police narcotics division, had reported that Nooks was arrested in the community of Widcombe Heights, St Andrew, where he lives.

Tavares Finson argues that this conflict goes to the root of the case and he wants the charge dismissed.

The police alleged that the 56-year-old entertainer was seen with a paper bag on May 5, and on their approach, he threw the item into his car.

They say the car was searched and one and a half ounces of cocaine were found inside the bag.

Nooks is to return to court on June 28.

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