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Cookie the Herbalist to do album in Jamaica @CookieTheherbal @ONE876 @bounce876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 17 February 2014 15:36 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Swiss reggae artiste Cookie the Herbalist is on a pilgrimage to discover great Jamaican reggae music. He journey from Europe to Jamaica to seek out talented producers, and musicians to craft a definitive sound for his upcoming album.

"This is my second time in Jamaica, and right now,. I am soul-searching to find great reggae producers in Jamaica for my next album, I want to create a signature sound for my music, with all the music produced under one house,” he said.
Cookie the Herbalist has made his mark on the European reggae scene with the critically acclaimed albums, 'Like a Tree' in 2010 and 'Stand Tall' in 2012. He was nominated for a Swiss Music Award for ‘Best Talent’ based on the great sales of his first album, Like a Tree. His next album, Stand Tall, was released two years ago, and several singles hit the top ten of reggae iTunes charts in Switzerland. One of his most popular singles, Cyan Stop was a big hit on skateboard and ski scene. The single, which featured Cali P, was recorded as a soundtrack in Red Bulls and Solomon Freestyle Ski Video "Everyday is Saturday" and became a monster hit.

“It was huge in the ski world, I know that they play it on ski lifts in US and Europe, but I got a lot of requests for dub plates in the United States,” he said.
Born to a Swiss mother and an Italian father, he began singing at a young age.
“My parents used to listen to Rolling Stones, Beatles, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, and from an early age, I got into reggae and I am still in love with it, I got addicted it, and I have a lot of Jamaican friends all over the world, I have a good grasp of Jamaican patois as well," the singer who is fluent in at least six languages, said.
He got his unusual name from his peers during his teenage years.
“When I was a youngster, there used to be a jam room where nuff artistes and aspiring rappers and singers would go to hang out. Because of the time when I used to hang out, I never had the chance to go home and do dinner, so I always had cookies with me to snack on, so they started calling me Cookie, and then the Herbalist part, you can use your imagination,” he said, laughing.
Based on the buzz around his last album, Stand Tall, he performed on 70 shows across Europe.
“Last year, I was able to spread my wings outside of Switzerland, performing in countries like Germany, Austria, Greece, France and Italy. My fan base is growing in Costa Rica, and Africa cause I am getting requests for dubplates in these countries, but I really want to establish myself more in Jamaica,” he said.
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