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Chin Chin hits back at Gully Bop and A'mari "Dj Mona Lisa" @djmonalisa

Chin Chin hits back at Gully Bop and A'mari "Dj Mona Lisa" @djmonalisa Featured

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Dancehall star Chin Chin has hit back at her ex-boyfriend Gully Bop and his new girlfriend, A'mari "DJ Mona Lisa" by going on Instagram, and lambasting the two, in a hard-hitting post.   



"While they sucking on my name for dem drama, this is my respond to #gullybop and his new queen...making hits!!!! I wish you guys all the best LOL, and #gullybop, good luck finding the h---- without the blue pulls i used to feed you on DAMN," she said. 


Contacted for a comment, she said that Gully Bop's girlfriend looked like a horse. 


"Mi happy fi dem, dem a do dem ting, this must be a big publicity stunt, mi happy fi dem, mi nah focus on dem, they call my name 10 times in one article, they need to focus on their life, Gully Bop do anything fi publicity stunt, everything is a circus with Bop and his horsey, I am making hits, I want to be  positive role model for young girls growing up so they don't have to go through what  I went through," Chin Chin said. 


"I don't want to be part of their media circus. I want positivity in my life. Gully Bop needs a hit song, focus on hit song fi top chart, management no that smart? As mi sign in pon FB, is a new mix up that pop up like toaster with pop tart."


Chin Chin's 'Why' song has generated 200,000 hits all across Facebook, youtube and Twitter, while her latest single, 'Work Remix' gone over 90,000 views on Dancehall Daily website.


"My hit songs speak for themselves," she said. 

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