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Chevan Clarke releases 'My Friend' video on August 1 @clarke_chevan

Chevan Clarke releases 'My Friend' video on August 1 @clarke_chevan Featured

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  The artiste formerly known as Jah Selah returns with a new image and song, determined to revive his career as Chevan Clarke. The singer released a new video, 'My Friend'.


As Jah Selah, he scored a minor hit song seven years ago with Lonely Girl, but migrated to the United States soon after. He is back with Friends.

“Music is my true calling, she breaks my heart each time but I love her still. I spoke to my wife about it (returning to entertainment) and she is 100 per cent behind me, so it is full steam ahead,” said Clarke.

Released last month by C and N Records, Friends addresses the importance of bona fide relationships. Part of its promotion is a video to be directed by Nordia Rose. 




From Spanish Town, Clarke recorded his first song, Sad Day, in 1990. He has toured as opening act for Wayne Wonder, and collaborated with British singer Miss Dynamite on the song United.

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