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Bridgez stabbed in bizarre 'road rage' incident

Bridgez stabbed in bizarre 'road rage' incident Featured

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  Dancehall artiste Bridgez is at home nursing wounds suffered in a bizarre knife attack on Friday night. 


According to the singer, she had just pulled up to the popular jerk chicken spot on Red Hills road to buy some chicken when a motor vehicle parked in front of her. The man asked her to move
"I gave money to the vendor and told the man I couldn't back out into traffic. He said, "alright so yu nah move?', and went back into his car. The next thing I know, the man is using a knife to break out my fog lights and stab up my car tyres. I get out, and immediately he stabbed me, and then he stabbed me in the head and fell on my back," she said. 
Citizens came to her rescue, hurling bottles at the man who retreated to his car. A licensed firearm holder later forced him to exit the car, and police were summoned. 
"When the cops came, they put him in the back of their vehicle and asked me to drive behind them to the Constant Spring police station. While driving, I felt dizzy, so I pulled over and asked them to drive behind me to the station. When we got to the station, an officer informed me  that I was bleeding from the head and that's when I realised my wig was full of blood," she said. 
The officers transported her to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she got medical attention, and a CT scan was performed on her head. 
"The doctors said the injury came within one inch of giving me a fractured skull, it was a lucky thing that his knife broke while he was stabbing my tyres, because I probably would not be having this conversation," she said. 
Eventually, she was patched up by the doctors, getting five stitches for the head injury and ten stitches for the knife wound in her back. 
She is, however, upset that the police had released the man on Saturday morning, despite the nature of the attack. She said that she had to make at least three trips to the police station to file the report.
"I didn't get it done until Sunday, it was like I was getting the runaround while this man was still walking free. He could have killed me. So right now, I am waiting to see how fast they are going to deal with this situation," she said. 
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