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Entertainment News Written by  PHLEXX Wednesday, 06 February 2013 10:29 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Members of the Rastafarian community have been openly criticizing a new combination song by Goldy and Chronixx called ‘Mini” where the artistes extol the virtues of women in short skirts. Some believe that such sentiments should not be expressed by anyone representing the Rastafarian faith.  
“Yes, mi hear the critics dem a talk, dem a say how bobo ah sing bout mini and a bagga tings but even most of them have to admit that it has a great melody. I create music, I don’t know about politics, Chronixx say the song good, but certain rasta ah lick out about rasta ah sing bout short skirt, but ah straight business  mi a deal wid. Music is music, politics is politics and mi no see nothing wrong wid the song,” engineer-singer-producer Goldy said.
 The song samples an original song recorded by singer Willie Francis, ‘Oh What a Mini’, and which soared to the #1 position in the 1970s. Willie Francis is the father of Fabian 'Goldy' Francis so he is a second generation musician.
"Mi get a vibe to do over the song, and at the time, Chronixx was a prentice engineer at the time, he was building tracks, that was 18 months ago, so it is not a song that was done recently," he said. 
Goldy said that the song took several weeks to record the song. First, he ried to reach out to Gyptian and Sean Paul to do the track but his efforts met with little success.
“Pure man a bench me, dem nah reciprocate, dem nah respond, so mi decide fi just do a demo and mi link Chronixx  one Sunday and him pencil out the w hole song and sing on the demo. So I had planned to put a deejay on the verse, but mi spend four months ah seek different people again because anno any and any man mi waan deejay the song
Then one day, a friend of his, the singer Lymie Murray suggested that Goldy should do it himself.
“So I went to Chiney K, and voice it and the engineer say it shot, pure people ah say it shot. I mixed the song at Fort Lauderdale, and did a video for it in January, and that video is showing on RE, HYPE, and CVM. Mi ah get a great feedback on it," Goldy said. 
He is also working on a new riddim called ‘Rasovah’ featuring Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Jahvinci, Leaf of Life and a host of other artistes.
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