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Beenie and D'Angel drop new song, Time of My Life Featured

Entertainment News Written by  CONTRIBUTED Monday, 01 November 2010 08:46 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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D'Angel and Beenie Man are showing no sign of slowing down, they recently recorded a hit single entitled "Time of my Life" for Chart topping producer Danny Brownie of Main Street Records. You can listen to the song at this link: http://www.box.net/shared/k7pxqvsqsh

This is not the first time they have collaborated musically as their first track "One Man" was
a chart topper in 2005 and "You're my first" in 2010. "Time of my life" sees both artiste
singing about being together and how they are having a great time in their relationship.

According to Beenie Man, "Its a song for anyone that ever had relationship problems, but always seem to find themselves back together. So its just about showing gratitude and making that person feel appreciated ". He further went on to say "working with D'Angel is always a good vibe because she is very talented and passionate about her music". When contacted, D'Angel chuckled then said "I've always enjoyed working with Beenie Man, he's a perfectionist and he brings out the best in my vocals. Beenie is just a workaholic whichreminds me a little about myself"
. She also revealed that a video is already in the pipeline but she wont disclose much about it at this time.

D'Angel & Beenie man will be appearing together on serveral shows over the Christmas season
including "GT Taylor's: Christmas Extravaganza" & "Teen Splash" just to name a few.

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