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Stamma Gramma takes on Tommy Lee Sparta Featured

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    ​Not too long ago a new face proclaiming Sparta membership emerged from out of nowhere with one of the most controversial and disturbing songs some say they have ever heard, since the inception of music. The artist goes by the name of Stamma Gramma  who released a song called Scammer Anthem glorifying the crimes of scamming. Stemming from a census over the internet feedback, you could say the song has been getting heavy criticism from the civil public, while also receiving heavy approval. Its one of those songs that the die hearted Dancehall fans won’t like because of its simplicity and lack of lyrical content, but its one that the ordinary listener will like if the notion is accepted that it’s a gimmick song and one not to be taken seriously. So far this song has been a revelation in two days racking up both 30,000 views and 8000 plus views on JJEVAFRASS and GAZA PRINCE channels respectively in just two days of being released. It’s the first time an unknown artist of this capacity has gained so many views and attention. They are many questions over this song and artist such as, Are u related to Tommy Lee Sparta? What do u think about the feedback the song has been getting? & What is your response to Tommy Lee claiming you are an imposter? Thanks to our staff, we were able to answer some of these questions in a short interview with the artist.
Are u related to Tommy Lee Sparta?
Stamma: No Im not, but I rep Sparta/Gaza as a music, Tommy Lee is my associate, met him verbally,telecommunication-ally through website business arrangements, but me rate him  So I will use the extension Sparta until he tells me to stop.
What do u think about the feedback the song has been getting?
Stamma: dwl , well to tell you the honest truth, I know the song was gimmick song, ask my engineer in New York, I was laughing 95% of the time during the session of this song. This was planned precisely, I received the exact response I expected, this song is obviously a publicity stunt, and it worked wonders, ppl must understand no publicity is bad publicity, now a lot viewing me as being a wack artist, an underdog etc. what they don’t understand, I now have their attention, naturally they are going to be curious to hear what more I have to say, some will just return to criticize and let me warn them, in my next tracks I release, I will show my true capabilities.Ppl ago shook!
What is your response to Tommy Lee claiming you are an imposter?
Well #1 i never said to anyone that i was apart of Sparta, i just was using the name extension, just as how Delly and Shabba has the Ranks following their first name. As for the intro to the song, yes that was a publicity stunt.i will apologize for that one. But if Tommy Lee wants to talk the things them, him and his management needs to address them stealing our record label's riddim for his single entiltled "Dem nuh Bad" in 2012. It was taken and used by him and Good Good Production without our authorization or confirmation and was released as a single produced by Good Good Productions.How scrupulous of an act is that??? One might even ask why i never came forward before, well simply because i never wanted to defame his character in anyway because im a big fan of him, if i wanted hype, i had the ultimate opportunity during that time. He has now forced me to this situation.  His publicist has disrespected me, calling me an imposter and wanting to shut down my promotional videos, which i find to be very unfair because the internet within itself does not put censorship on its content, so who are you to be determining what type of lyrical content can be imputed in a youtube songs, so hypocritical, knowing that you are the ambassador for demonic,satanic lyrical content.   I find that stance made by their publicist to be so full of ***! Anyway, fair exchange is no robbery, thats what i have to say to Tommy Lee and his management, you scam our riddim and God only knows,made a hit song, went to many stage shows and received alot monetary compensation from it, without re-compensating the real composer. So its Scam fi Scam, we even.Why u hating?
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