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Male cross-dresser runs from angry mob

Male cross-dresser runs from angry mob

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A male sex worker in Old Harbour had to make a mad dash for his life when it was discovered that he was a cross-dresser by an outraged client. 

Residents of Old Harbour have been complaining over the last year about a literal invasion of commercial sex workers in their town. Now, residents are upset about word circulating in the town about an interrupted sexual interlude between a man and a cross-dresser may have tainted the reputation of their once-sleepy town. 

Reports are that the man who was in the district of Gucci in Old Harbour, was in the middle of receiving oral sexual pleasures from a commercial sex worker who he thought was a female got the shock of his life when he grabbed 'her' wig at the height of his passion and realised the would be female was actually a man.

The man raised an alarm in the community where the incident happened and an angry mob surrounded the prostitute. The man immediately sought refuge at the nearby Old Harbour Police Station from the attentions of the irate mob who vociferously demanded that the male prostitute be released to them so that they could "fix his business".

Inspector Richards, sub-officer in charge of the station, confirmed that the incident had indeed occurred and assured the media that the man was rescued by the police.  The prostitute was not charged with solicitation. 

Old Harbour town residents say that this latest incident underlines the growing social and community problem they face as several provocatively dressed women descend on West Street in the community at dusk, standing close to a skating rink where children frequent, in order to ply their illicit trade. 

"Dem a mash up the town with the whoring business and now, mi hear say cross-dresser and he-she inna the town, the police need fi do something about this," one concerned resident 

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