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Gully Bop caan breed nothing!!!! CHIN CHIN LAUGHS

Gully Bop caan breed nothing!!!! CHIN CHIN LAUGHS Featured

Gossip & Rumours Written by  Thursday, 31 March 2016 12:19 font size decrease font size increase font size Media 0
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The world was shocked to hear a girl called IZZY come forward to say that she was breeding for Gully Bop, but apparently, Izzy may be mistaken about the identity of her babyfather because Chin Chin says that Gully caan breed nobody. 


"Look here, people, Gully Bop had a hernia for over ten years, the man sperm count extra low. He has a mesh in his belly because he has a huge hole in his stomach from the damage of the hernia. The hernia shrink up him hood, and him haffi tek the blue pills dem to get an erection, and worse, him sperms dem dry up, ah just pre-cum Bop can give, so the girl just fuck and breed and a try put it on Bop," Chin Chin said, laughing. 

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