Benzly Hype disses female artistes who use overt sex to sell records and seek attention

Benzly Hype disses female artistes who use overt sex to sell records and seek attention

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Dancehall artiste-music producer-sitcom showrunner Benzly Hype has come out swinging at the declining production values and standards of what passes for dancehall music these days.    "There are so many sides to Reggae Dancehall music but for the past couple of years all we've  been getting is basicaly 2 sides ..  that's all that has been promoted .. AS IF that's all there is.. as a creative person it kills your will to create,  u become less motivated ..  topics lyrics are about the samething, flow cadence melodies same all beats sound the same or similar cord progressions everybody using minor keys everybody trying to sound like the next one," Benzly Hype ranted

He said that the songs in dancehall are as distinct as taxi cabs, and this sameness had spread to the broader culture and even the dance moves. 

"Everybody doing summer songs and every summer they sound like the same song .. 5 dance moves come out and is the same damn move," he said. 

He said that female artistes had lowered the bar significantly and resorted to lewd and rauncy ways to sell music, most times at the expense of talent and the process to hone their craft.

"SOME female artist tek the selling of sexuality to another level and pay little attention to skills and talent ... so the masses now expect and see everything overly sexual as dancehall entertainment," he said. 

"As mi fren #NicoBamBam the last time I saw him "Them kill the thing star.. them Kill it" referring to the music  .. But Naaaa!!!! .. Fwd


#ComeBackFor #EveryDamnThingMiPutDown 

 #HideTheBeachingSunACome ⭐⭐☀️⭐☀️⭐⭐ #STARTHEALBUMCOMET

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