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  DJ Fire Ribz  is a beast on the turntables. Just ask any dancehall fan who has heard his vibesy intros, his over-the-top dubs or seen him beasting on the boards entertaining a hardcore dancehall crowd. Fire Ribz just smokes the competition.  
Born Camara Melbourne, he grew up in the Rollington Town area, and he attended Windward Road All Age before graduating to attend Calabar High school. It was almost ordained that he would pursue music as a career because of his father’s influence as a successful sound system owner.
“It is an inborn concept with me because I grew up seeing my father, Winston ‘Bya’ Melbourne  playing on his sound system Road Warrior which was a big sound with three columns and many dates. He turned over the sound system to me, but I was forced to sell parts of the sound to help with the costs of my education,” he said.
After leaving high school, he got a gig with the Megamus Sound from Clarendon and he also played dates for Hotta Flex from St. Thomas. He got his big break when he got a job with Metromedia sound system.
“I was introduced to Metromedia by Haggart from Jamrock who is one of my biggest influences, and I learned a lot there, it was my first big job at a popular sound system,” he said.
He also singled out a few other people whose influence has been instrumental in his rise to be one of the island’s successful selectors.
“Fire Blaxx from Area Code taught me a lot, especially my MC techniques. And mi get a whole heap a support from DJ Boom Frass who is my best friend, when people see me a road and don’t see him, dem ask fi him, and the same when dem see him a road. Ah mi real friend that ,” he said
While at Metromedia, he established his reputation as a top flight selector who was versatile enough to play hardcore street dances in the toughest inner city areas one night, and play at a children’s party or baby shower the next day.
Eventually, Fire Ribz moved from Metromedia to Firelinks Sound where he really carved out a rep, and developed the fire-burning persona that most dancehall fans admire today.
“Mi have to give Firelinks credit because ah him ah mi main icon. Ah him mi look up to musically because him bun the fire and mi name Fire Ribz. He was the one who got me grounded in dancehall,” he said.
He remained with Firelinks for three years before ‘creative differences’ forced him to go solo. Since that time, he has done regular stints at Expression Thursdays, Boasy Tuesdays and Bembe Thursdays in Kingston. However, it is in central Jamaica where Fire Ribz has become a hot commodity.
“Most of my dates are in central Jamaica, Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, dem love me inna dem area de,” he said.
He will be playing at a dance on February 22nd in Clarendon, and he has overseas gigs lined up for California in March.
“Dutty Fridaze Promotion  is also planning a European tour in mid March so the ting ah gwaan good, Faada Bulla the CEO ah the leader fi the ting, and Terry, mi manager ah mek sure mi a fly hard right now, everything dem touch turn gold,” he said.
Fire Ribz is managed by Terry Ann Daley who can be reached a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 873-4295.
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