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Dalton Harris upset about Jamaicans' homophobia

Dalton Harris upset about Jamaicans' homophobia

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Jamaican singer Dalton Harris responded via video to the ugly wave of homophobia that swept the island  and the internet over the last 24 hours when a photo of him and his fellow contestants ermerged on the Internet. In the photo, Harris appeared to be sitting in the lap of a fellow male contestant, Brendan Murray, of the UK X Factor.  

The negative homophobic reaction of Jamaicans was sobering given the euphoria that had greeted news that he had made it to the semi-finals after delivering a powerful performance of Beyonce's Listen last Saturday. 


"Woke up the Internet and saw something online (guy hugs him). I think if you are so uncomfortable with your sexuality that if you see two dudes hugging is gay, then..." he said, hugging the contestant again. "Mi good. At the end of the day, I am here living my dream, is this dude."


Harris had a stinging rebuke of the homophobic nature of the comments that Jamaicans have been making about his sexuality. 


"At the end of the day, we are here living our lives, and I have nothing to prove. But it's funny to me that mi own country weh mi fight for every single day is showing up our asses like this in such a horrible way, and it is not good representation because we are not dumb people. And who me sleep with, this has nothing to do with who I am sleeping with (hugging guy again) I am a single man, not sleeping with a man, peace and love, not an explanation, mind your business, peace and love."

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