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Will Jenny Jenny be suspended??

Entertainment News Written by  Friday, 06 October 2017 12:31 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Will broadcaster Jenny Jenny get into hot water with her employers after interviewing a minor whose mother is involved in a criminal case live on air earlier this week?

 “My mother is one of the best mothers I know in the world,”  the 12-year-old girl whose mother has been thrown into the spotlight after a video of her beating the child with a machete began circulating on social media, said live on air on HITZ 92 FM on Tuesday.

The girl declared her love for her mother, saying that she felt bad now that her mother has been placed in police custody.

The child indicated that she is also upset with the individual who recorded the incident but could not explain the reasons for being upset.

However, she maintained that she is not fearful that her mother would lash out at her again, “because I’m not going to misbehave or flash her off, or do any kind of thing to her so that she can beat me again”.

She also admitted that her mother needs to change her attitude, but should her mother be released she would want to remain in her care.

The young girl also denied being the one who was speaking sexually in a voice note which some speculate was the reason for the beating.

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