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Jay Bad has denied killing Kasanova

Jay Bad has denied killing Kasanova

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Entertainment manager Jay Bad, who managed dancehall artiste Kasanova, has denied a fresh wave of rumours that he was involved in the disappearance of the artiste. He said he has been getting several death threats since rumours started that he has 


 "Why would I kill Kasanova? His mother was the last person to see him alive, I have been the one going to the cops to tell them of his possible whereabouts . I have been getting death threats from Kasanova fans and I have to be explaining myself to a couple of them. I have reported the matter to the cops, they said I should try to protect myself. This year make three years him round me, mi help push his career to the next level, him come in like mi little blood bredda, you can ask his own family, why would i want to kill him," Jay Bad said, his voice choking with tears.


"Kasanova has never done me anything and people do mi worse and dem still alive, so why would I harm Kasanova?" he said. 

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