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Droop Lion gives $50,000 donation to Bobo Hill rebuilding effort

Droop Lion gives $50,000 donation to Bobo Hill rebuilding effort

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Dancehall artiste Droop Lion visited the community of Bobo Hill in Nine Miles, St. Andrew over the weekend. He made a donation of $50,000 to the community to aid in their rebuilding efforts. 


"Bobo Hill ah my power base. They need a strength, to whom much is given , much is expected. We understand the level of atrocity, we are not the investigators but we are the vanguards of the city, and we are supposed to play the role of protectors as rastafari," he said.
Droop Lion called on his fellow Rastafarian artistes and Garvey-ites to aid in the rebuilding efforts because "this is black people business".
"This fire ah show that it is time to get together and protect black people business," he said. 
In the meantime, the Rastafarian community in Nine Miles, St. Andrew, is licking its wounds and contemplating the way forward. 
"We made the police report and they are aware of the situation. We are not afraid, we will rebuild. We have to rebuild the main office, the conference hall where we used to keep the service, ah that bun down, plus two houses, and a part of the gatehouse," Priest Anthony Morgan of the Bobo Hill community, told Jamaica Observer.
While there is no official estimate so far, he said the damages "definitely reached the millions".
"Is a major setback for us, there were documents in the conference hall, 3 computers , drums, bibles, a boom box. We used to keep services in the conference hall so over the weekend, we held the first service in the new tabernacle which is still unfinished," Priest Morgan said. 
He made an appeal to other artistes to mirror the donation of Droop Lion, and also "black people who ah deal with repatriation" to help rebuild the community. 
"We need the material for the altar, and four doors for the tabernacle. Right now, only the prophet Droop Lion has come up here and seen what a gwaan, no other artiste has come forth yet. Sizzla came here the Wednesday before the fire and he gave a strength of us$2,000 to some 2 by 4 laths, and he has made a promise to help us buy the zinc for the new tabernacle. We need black people to step forward and assist in any way," Priest Morgan said. 
Bobo Hill is home to over 30 members of the Rastafarian community. Bobo Hill is home to the Bobo Shanti, or Bobo Ashanti, House of Ras Tafari, who are known for their peaceful militant interpretation of Marcus Garvey’s teachings. Many reggae and dancehall artistes who proclaim an affiliation to the community.
Last week, rastafarians from the Bobo Shanti group made a report to the cops that an armed intruder started a huge fire on the premises, destroying multiple buildings, computers, and important documents.
Droop Lion has theorised that the "judgement" that reaching Bobo Hill is indicative of the "corruption and hedonism" that has crept into the reggae rastafarian community. 
" I and I know say it ah come among us from within us as rastafari because we nah live with the unity we supposed to have. Man ah come play Selassie I, but we have Selassie already, His Imperial Majesty who lives and will never die, so if a man waan come play Selassie, dem ah go play an infiltration role and that will make judgment creep in pon dem," he said. 
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