When Gregory find time fi have two wife????/Bounty soon get back the Range? Featured

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Some people fi just go jump headfirst pon a piece ah steel and come offa mi name. Dem ah call mi slut and whore and a bagga tings but mi just ah tell dem say doan watch me, watch yu madda who ole and shrivel and she still ah gi bun. Go suck Mrs. Whatever, go watch fi her hole and go suck it out after a man pap off inna it. Low me! No get mi cross and angry up inna this. People, how dem say dem a hot gal and dem plug out dem fridge when dem a leave fi work inna the morning and plug it in when dem get in ah night time, ah me say fridge run 24 hours, ah me say big screen TV inna living room and AC, we have we owna money, mi write mi owna cheque, mi have mi owna concept, wah dem feel like? The fish inna my fridge nah turn green and no purple fungus nah tek my food hostage. ASK ABOUT ME.


Yu tink say dem artiste ya easy. Look how Gregory have two wives, him was a bigamist, no joke. Mi a wonder how him find time fi get married to two woman when him live wid him crack pipe, yo dem yute ya no easy. The man was a full time coke head, but him did a work overtime wid this woman ting. Big up yuself Gregory, yu a the cool Ruler, mi see yu a Heineken Startime one time when mi was a teenager, yu a de boss.

Why dem mek Lady Saw perform so early pon the show?

How much money ah go spend pon Gregory Isaacs funeral? Who ah go bury him? Brite Lite???

If Sizzla really nah move back to Jamaica, him ah tek this Africa thing too far now.

When Buju ah go tek up the bail?

When Bounty Killer ah go back fi the vehicle dem? It ah look a way now. The Arthur Guinness Celebration money muss can do a ting.

What dem say that Marley girl allegedly do the people pickney? Da Family Court ting de deep.


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