THURSDAY TALK: Why dem wont low Mr. Vegas and him Boy Shorts tune? Featured

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Mi de pon Twitter yesterday and see dem a give it to Mr. Vegas bout this new Boy Shorts tune and mi see say him a defend it hard, but him no really need to, the song is a good song, him love fi see the gyal dem inna boy shorts, ah fi him ting dat! But why boy shorts? What is a boy shorts? Him coulden say pum pum shorts, or short shorts? No that woulden be Vegas style, but ah just him that. Mi nah try figure him out, ah just fi him ting dat. Big up the Ital Stew riddim, it ah shot!!!!!



Why Singa J lef Anthony B camp and ah link wid Gyptian now? Him ah go pon world tour, the man ting step up.


How dem a gwaan like Chuckleberry ting nah happen and mi hear say him a fly out fi go Canada fi two weeks now? Gwaan Chucks.

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