Teejay goes 'Uptop'

Teejay goes 'Uptop'

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The 23 year-old deejay who hails from Tank Lane in Bottom Pen, Glendevon  in St. James, rose to prominence in the entertainment industry with trigger-pulling anthems like 'Buss Head', and 'Up Top, but in the last six months, he has concentrated more energy on 'reality' songs such as the soulful 'On and On' and the popular 'Days Dem' which was released in November 2017 on the Life Story riddim for Rush Sheikh Records. 


"We a reject the negativity. Mi realise say nothing bad no good, we don't know no badman, from yu bad, that lead to bad mind, bad energy, bad heart. We know real youth that's why we sing 'Days Dem', about the poor days in the past, the struggle, about how hungry I was to make it in the business and provide for my three youths, and the miracle of prosperity that is working through life. We ah send out positive energy into the universe because is what you send out, you get back," he reasoned. 


The 'Days Dem' single has racked up over 1 million views since its release, while Up Top' has registered over 2 million spins. 


"Aside from Tommy Lee, mi ah the only other artiste from Montego Bay who have two million views on a song on youtube," the artiste whose real name is Timoy Jones, said.

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