Radijah rejected by Blood Bank as he tries to give blood to J. Capri @toyabritish @radijah_music

Radijah rejected by Blood Bank as he tries to give blood to J. Capri @toyabritish @radijah_music Featured

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Dancehall artiste Radijah was in for a surprise when he went to the National Blood Transfusion Service to give blood for artiste J Capri. He did not know that  if you have had a tattoo in the past 12 months, then you can't give blood, and his donation was refused by the officials there.   


"I really wanted to give blood for J. Capri because she is an artiste like me but I was shocked when they told me that I couldn't give blood because I had got a tattoo in the past 12 months. I guess they must have their reasons but this is the 21st century, why can't they just do a test to see if everything is right, so I can give blood," he said. 


"At Christmas time, it is critical that members of the public come forward and give blood because we have a lot of accidents, and other tragedies at this time, so even though I can't give, I want to encourage others to give."


J Capri, 23, given name Jordan Phillips, was hospitalised last Sunday after her vehicle overturned. Reports said a car she was driving slammed into a wall in Barbican Square about 3 a.m. She was rushed to hospital following the collision.



One doctor who spoke on condition of anonymity said:


"Although tattooing and piercing are much safer than some medical professionals like to indicate, there is still always a chance of getting and carrying a disease unknowingly, especially Hepatitis," the doctor said. 


"If you should happen to contract a disease from a tattoo or piercing, it should show up in a screening after 12 months, which is the reason for the waiting period."

Many of the rules implemented in the Caribbean on who can give blood are a requirement of European law. 

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