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Little Richie murder Bredda Hype over Guinness a while ago. IT MADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bredda Hype dead from the first round, but inna the second round, him play some nice tune, him go play All the Single Ladies inna the middle of the clash. HIM GO LUEEEEEE. WEH DI FUCK YU GET THAT FROM? Inna the first round, the juggling weh Richie use kill him, big up Little Richie but him never dominate Hype. Little Richie drop two Beenie Man dub after Bredda Hype drop the Merciless dub dem and say 'no coke head deejay caan kill me' and the place buss. The third round did close but ah still Little Richie ah lead, the ting did well nice.
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