Lewinsons, the saviours of Dalton Harris, need their own breakthrough

Lewinsons, the saviours of Dalton Harris, need their own breakthrough Featured

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Rowena Lewinson, a resident of Grantham, a small village in North West Clarendon, believes that Dalton's mother should not be so harsh on her famous son. She is Dalton's 'life mother', not his biological one, because it was her tender care and attention that set him on the path to his present success; Dalton calls her 'Aunty Mitsy'.  

"Dalton's mom is lying, he didn't run away for four weeks, he stayed with the Lewinsons for over a year, Dalton turned 16 on the Rising Stars show, until he graduated Edwin Allen Comprehensive and went to K.C. We were the ones who had his papers and everything, she gave us his papers when he adopted him and had him living with us, all during the Rising Stars competition and everything. We got permission from the polIce for him to stay with us because she is very vindictive," Ms. Lewinson told ONE876 reporter Claude Mills. 


Ms. Lewinson said she tried to repair the rift between Dalton and his mother. 


"Is we mek him love her, we force him to keep the link with her because she is his mother, she could have aborted him but she brought him into the world and did the best she could," Ms. Lewinson said. 


Ms. Lewinson is a former nurse who has not been able to bear ,any children of her own, but who has adopted several children, some of whom live overseas and work in the Corporate Area. She is an albino and most people who watched the show would remember her during the televised shows. 


"He came to us through our nieces and nephews. When my mother heard him sing, she fell in love with him, and she said she is not leaving him on the streets. We took him in as a stranger, only later would we find out that he as our blood relative on his father, Dennis side," she said. 

That was in 2010. Today, Harris is one of the stand-out favourites to win based on reaction from the studio audience, the bookmakers, and guest judge Nile Rodgers.


At 16, he won the local Digicel Rising Stars show in 2010. He has also set an enviable track record with a number of the studio recordings of his performances on the show climbing as high as the Top 20 on the iTunes singles charts for the UK.


The Lewinsons themselves need a musical breakthrough. They have compiled a CD of original gospel songs which they hope to sell to finance the building of the their church, Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Centre in their community. The church building was started 20 years ago by her mother, the late Pastor Sarah Lewinson, and in 2008, the sisters sunk $500,000 into the building to keep the dream alive. 


"We are standing alone," she said, crying. "We need help, we need blocks, doors, windows and zinc. It means so much to us to build this church, we need to cut loose from poverty. I have worshipped God and served him my whole life, we try singing, we do everything and yet we cannot get this church to be built, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you'; we need something to be added now."


The Gospel Blazers' EP is called 'Sailor Boy' and it contains three original gospel songs, 'Sailor Boy', 'My Sweet Jesus' and 'God Is Our Refuge and Strength'.

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