Gully Bop denies knowing Tizzy, his alleged babymother as Amari threatens to leave him... by Althea Burrell

Gully Bop denies knowing Tizzy, his alleged babymother as Amari threatens to leave him... by Althea Burrell Featured

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Gully Bop has denied knowing the woman who first posted images of a woman who calls herself Tizzy who was showed off images of her 'baby Bop bump' on  Facebook last week.



"Me nuh know that girl from Adams. She couldn't get pregnant by me, but A'mari a make people feed her head with foolishness," he said.

The Wuk Offa Me deejay said that there are persons conspiring to end his relationship with A'mari who is also an artiste.


Gully Bop's current girlfriend rubbished Bop's claims,saying that Bop knew the girl but that she had heard that one of Bop's other friends was the real father. 


that the recent developments regarding Gully Bop being accused of impregnating a girl has only strengthened their bond.

"At first, I was pissed off, and I still am, but I will stand by him. I was embarrassed, more than hurt because it is a real relationship. It has made the relationship stronger," she said. 
She said she first encountered Gully Bop's 'baby mama' over a week ago. 
"I saw the girl looking through the window one morning when I was over Bop's house and she got my number from Bop's phone and she has been calling me on the phone telling me that she is spending my money that I sent through the Western Union for Bop, but since this week, I have cut off all communication with Tizzy," she said.
She said she has also blocked Tizzy on Facebook.
"I no longer operate my Facebook page, so even if they are saying things, I dont care, they have been deleted and is way too stressful to communicate with she and her friends," she said.
She said that the rocky times have only increased her love for Bop.
"They don't want to see us together, so ok, you don't want to see it, then I am going all the way then, I see Gully Bop as my future husband," she said. 
Amari has a combination single called 'Cheater Girls' featuring Gully Bop. 
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