Ganggoolie disrespects Shauna Chyn about selling sex on records

Ganggoolie disrespects Shauna Chyn about selling sex on records

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  Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie has launched a stinging rebuke of female artiste Shauna Chynnn who is promoting  the concept of promiscuity and no free sex among females. 

"What the ##@@@ you a sing bout? How woman fi have dem good good relationship and dem man get redundant and lay off, and now yu a tell woman fi go station ah talk bout rape just because man dont have no money to give them? Understand yu self. Look how much woman  ah dead from wah day ya, man a beat women wid pickaxe and ah tek kill dmeslef, Gramaxone after; Bull chop up woman and pickney down inn the aocuntr, look how the country ah mash up and yu ah add fuel to the fire, what yu tink ah go happen? It ah go blaze up" he said.

Last week, a St Catherine man, Edgar Knight, bludgeoned his wife to death with a pickaxe and then ended his life by drinking weed killer. Knight was suspected of killing his wife Mara-Lee Russell-Knight, otherwise called Lisa, 43, of Banister, Housing Scheme in Old Harbour, St Catherine. A few weeks ago, Orville Scarlett, also known as “Bull”, allegedly attacked his ex-lover Allisha Francis and her three children when they arrived home, killing the woman and one ofthe kids. Bull was later killed by the residents of the community. 

Ganggoolie has taken offence to Shauna Chyn's new song, Suicide, which has raised eyebrows because of the lines:  "You can't f**k me for free, free f**k a rape."

He criticized the proliferation of social media which has caused an element of fakeness to creep into societal relationships and bonds. 

"You no see say no real love no de bout, nowadays, a social media love a gwaan, a data love a gwaan  a eyelash love a gwaan, a clothes love a gwaan, a hairstyle love a gwaan, no communication no de de wid the females again," he said.

He appealed to the women of the country to hold strong to their morals and values. 

"Women ah the backbone of the country, if the woman dem no stand up strong, man ah go lead to temptation and lead to different tings. Memba say a woman run tings, only thing man ah king and leader, but if yu nuh have a strong woman stand up beside yu, yu mash up bout ya and tun all pauper," Ganggoolie said. 

He appealed to te female artiste to stop trying to poison the minds of young girls. 

"Shauna Chyn, stop tell the little girls dem @#%$, move yu @#$% and go weh!" he said. 


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