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  Dancehall artiste Gage has now turned his attention towards doing 'girl songs'  exclusively over the next couple of months. He has recorded a slew of new songs including the hardcore 'Good P--- Gal Fi Get Things' featuring Jugglerz, which was released last week.   
"Ah the gal dem mi a defend straight, variety ah the spice of life, right now, this ah the zone mi inna," Gage said. 
Other follow-up songs include 'Come a Me'   and 'Back Up Fi Beng' for Gold Plaque Productions. 
The decision has caused some consternation among  his fan base who had embraced the conscious content of his recent releases. 
"As for people saying they thought I was Rasta, I just want to know if Selassie never fuck pussy?" he asked.
"Me affi sing bout the ladies, and dis a di way me choose to do it right now. Me nuh need nuh inspiration fi talk truth and any man have nothing bad fi say bout the song a waste man, cuz a every girl song this."
On the track, Gage advocates that woman should receive material presents for their intimate 'gifts'.
Last year, Gage shocked the dancehall world when he abruptly quit the bleaching of his skin. The deejay, known for songs like Throat and Kitty Kat, said he is more focused about fine-tuning his craft. After undergoing an image revamp, he has changed his lyrical content and is now more contented with his art.
"The streets a feel the songs dem because dem real. When mi voice a song now mi name it based on the feeling mi get and the energy it inspires in others. All my songs dem have one name as the title, Views, Family, Adultery, Underrated ... everything have meaning, everything mi doing real now," he told The Star at that time.
He even said he was uncertain if he would do a record similar to 'Throat' again as the oral sex song overshadowed other good songs in his catalogue. So is this move an about-face by Gage and a return to his 'Throat' era?
He insists that is not the case but that he has to engage his hardcore fanbase as well.
"As an artiste, you have to be versatile enough to address a wide range of topics " he said. 
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