Unknown Gringo poisoned by tattoo ink

Unknown Gringo poisoned by tattoo ink

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Trelawny-based dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo was hospitalised over the weekend after a case of "tattoo poisoning" after a Kingston tattoo artiste inked him with a special mystical Aztec tattoo design from the 16th century. 

"I had an allergic reaction, inflammation, rashes and swelling around the tattoo itself, and after that, nausea, and vomiting, so I had to get medical attention," Unknown Gringo said. "Ah just one of dem tings, mi just want my fans to know that I am alright, and everybody ah say the tattoo shot."

There has been much controversy around the topic of tattoo ink poisoning and whether or not it is possible. Supporters of tattooing claim that it is impossible to become poisoned from tattoo ink as it never really reaches the bloodstream. However, those who oppose disagree. Unknown Gringo knows only too well that it is possible.

In the meantime, he does not expect to miss any upcoming shows as the buzz around the 'Vroom Vroom' song has led to several bookings . He is booked for shows such as 'Heroes in Action' on October 12th at Logwood Square in Westmoreland,  'Return of the Unknown Gringo' in Montego Bay in October, and 'Cold Front: All White Edition' at Dinz Lawn in Trelawny on December 22.


In July, Unknown Gringo released a music video for the 'Vroom Vroom' song via his VEVO channel which racked up over 18,000 views in four weeks. The single will be officially released via iTunes on August 17th. 


"The shows are rolling in this Summer, I love the direction that my career is moving and I will continue to work hard," the artiste who is known for the number one hit song, 'Tank Up' said. 


Unknown Gringo released a new single, 'Brawling Death' on the Chase Mills Records label two weeks ago and that song has generated over 10,000 views on youtube. Other upcoming singles include 'Feels Good Making Money' on his own Desconocido label. 


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