Singing Sweet denies rumours of beef with Ghost

Singing Sweet denies rumours of beef with Ghost Featured

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  Sweet Music recording artiste Singing Sweet has denied that there is a rift between he and fellow recording artiste Ghost since he went public with information that you tubers had been incorrectly attributing his vocals to Ghost for several years.   



"You know how people ah spread rumours and ting, crazy people ah link me inna the streets and ask me wah me and Ghost have, and then mi hear a rumour pon the Internet say me and him kick off over one event, but no such thing nah gwaan. Me and Ghost good man," Singing Sweet said. 


Although it has been years since these cover songs were released, Singing Sweet believes the incorrect labelling has affected his earning power.

"Me and Ghost a good friends. We even have a song together, but this is business. What is due to Caesar, you render unto Caesar. Give me my due. The confusion has affected by ability to earn and get shows. I need it to be fixed," Singing Sweet, whose given name is Paul McFarlane, said.


"People might argue seh these songs are just covers, but I was able to bring something special to those songs. That's why I still earn off those songs 20 years later. They were on VP's Strictly the Best and Reggae Gold albums," he said.

Now in his 30s, the singer is hoping to re-establish his presence in the country of his birth. He recently released a video for the single, It's Not a Bad Thing featuring Chino, and before that, he got a decent buzz with the single, One More Day in the Slum, a combination with roots-reggae singer Kabaka Pyramid.

"Right now, I want to push more original material," he said.

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