Should the government host an event for Buju Banton's return?

Should the government host an event for Buju Banton's return?

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Reggae superstar Buju Banton, one of Jamaica's most favoured sons, will return home within a few weeks. There will be fanfare. There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be much merriment. However, the government of Jamaica will not facilitate or partake in such matters. To paraphrase the famous idiom, when it comes to such occasions, "it is not the done thing".

Why? Buju Banton, living legend or not, will return to Jamaica as - that most pejorative of terms -  a 'deportee'; someone who has been returned forcibly to the land of their origin through deportation. 


"The government will not be organising an event to mark the return of Buju Banton to Jamaica," Minister of Culture Olivia Grange told ONE876 reporter Claude Mills. "Buju Banton is one of those who we recognize as a young veteran in the world of entertainment. Yes, he had a few problems but we welcome home all our citizens whatever the time and the circumstances. Buju Banton has been through a lot." 


Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a ten year prison sentence of drug trafficking. He is expected to be released on December 8.


"We are aware that Buju Banton and his management team will be having a concert, and the Ministry of Culture may have a presence, but it is nothing that the government will be actively organising. Buju Banton has done his time. It is not the place of any government to believe in incarceration and not rehabilitation. Buju Banton is rehabilitated and he has the right to come home," she said. 

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