Radigan's killer nabbed in the USA

Radigan's killer nabbed in the USA Featured

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  The Jamaican man suspected to have gunned down gang leader Robert 'Rodigan' Davis in October last year has been captured. He was implicated in last October's massacre that left four dead and 11 injured in Southwest in Los Angeles (LA) .

 The LAPD identified the suspect as Marlon St Aubyn Logan, alias 'John John', who eluded police for almost eight months, following the bloody clash between two gangs at a party in an underground Jamaican restaurant in that California city. Radigan and three other men were shot dead, when armed men invaded the birthday celebration on Rimpau Boulevard in the West Adams neighbourhood in Southwest, Los Angeles.

News of the death of reputed Jamaican gang leader Robert Davis, also known as 'Rodigan', of Maxfield Avenue in Kingston, sparked concern that a turf war would break out in Jamaica, prompting a response from local law enforcement officials. 

 According to the Los Angeles Times, the mass shooting which happened in a makeshift Jamaican restaurant has left three people dead and 12 others wounded. According to police about 50 patrons were inside the restaurant when the incident occurred. 

Police say that three men left the restaurant and returned with firearms and began shooting. The L.A. Times noted that detectives believe that the shooters killed their primary target with a hail of bullets. Anedoctal reports published online identified two of the shooters as 'Junior' and 'John John' at the time of the shooting. 

The police also note that motive may be narcotics-related, possibly a dispute between parties over business transactions.

The owner, who does not have the proper permits to operate the home as a restaurant, identified himself only as ‘Dilly’ told the press that he was hosting a birthday celebration when the shooting occurred.







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