Leroy Gibbons recuperates after being shot on 'Back Road' in Portmore

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Veteran singer Leroy Gibbons is waiting to do a CT scan in the Spanish Town hospital after surviving a shooting incident on Monday morning.


"I haven't eaten anything since yesterday because the doctors are waiting to do a CT scan to ensure that my intestines are not damaged and to make sure no other vital organs are not messed up," he told Claude Mills on Wednesday morning. 

The entertainer, who resides in Canada, was shot in the left buttocks as he walked with an acquaintance along the Port Henderson main road in Portmore, St Catherine. He said he was on a phone call at the time of the incident. 

"One of the last things I was saying on the phone was that God is my refuge, I put my trust in Him. I was walking with him towards the new Forum beach and I heard the shots and I ran to a nearby hotel, and I felt my left side feel different. Then I went over to the Forum beach and they called a taxi to take me to the hospital," Gibbons said. 



Gibbons was in the company of a man, a well-known businessman from the area, who police believes was the intended target of the attack. They theorise that the incident was a reprisal, and stemmed from a situation where the intended target's son had been beaten up by a man who had been subsequently killed by unknown assailants in a separate incident.  

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