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  Dancehall star Ishawna has delivered a crushing death blow to the aspirations of Danielle DI with a diss track called 'Headshot' that writes off her career in no uncertain terms. Music critics are calling this one of the best female dancehall diss tracks ever. 


Ishawna goes harder than DI on this track, dropping some old time suss like accusations that Danielle had a relationship with her aunt's boyfriend. 

the baller buss yu salad and cut/see mi doctor number, bitch, go suck out yu gut!" Ishawna deejays. She makes an accusation that DI has a popular STD, and lists out a laundry list of well-known men who have allegedly had affairs with DI, before asserting 'seems like yu pussy nah no luck'. She critiques DI's musical ability and further taunts her with lines such as 'every week, girl fly' and invites DI with saucy lines like: 'bitch, come nyam me out' and 'come suck mi dry'.

On Wednesday, Danielle D.I. released a new track called 'Talk Up' allegedly aimed at controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna. Danielle went hard at Ishawna taking potshots at her checkered past with lines like: “Big up Lady Patra and the great Lady Saw / Them did x-rated but never go so raw / What you advocating for you nasty b*tch / Sleeping around trying to get rich,” D.I. sings.


She then touched on the topic of Ishawna fallout with Downsound Records and her gross disrespect of Miss Lou. “Whole a Downsound rev yo out like a rental / Little wh*re you a dog you a big groupie gal / Yo f*** man yo f*** gal seems your confused / Little gal yo cyan walk in a my shoes / Diss the great Miss Lou just fi come pon news,” Danielle D.I. deejay

 Danielle D.I., known for her hit single Rebel, she decided to record the songs because she has been made aware that the Equal Rights deejay has been taking jabs at her in recent times. She said that she wants to put an end to it by settling all scores lyrically.


"Reliable sources have confirmed that she is being seriously malicious. I will have to come for you and I am going to do so lyrically because these babies can't handle it if things should go any other way. She can't talk up to me on record because she is not articulate enough, she is not lyrical enough and she don't have crap to say either. She will just have to hold her mouth in silence," she told the media at the time.




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