Decomposing body of killer deacon found in his Manchester home

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Residents and police investigators are puzzled at how the discovery of the decomposing body of 59-year-old Linton Stephenson, aka Jawbone, was made at his Bloomfield Circle, Mandeville, Manchester home today. It had been days since a parish-wide manhunt had been launched to find the deacon only for his grisly remains to be found at his home. 

"How the police and everybody ah look fi him and him was at his home all along, something not right about this case," one resident told ONE876NEWS. 


Stephenson, a church deacon, was the main suspect in the gruesome killing of 25-year-old Khyhymn Campbell, whose body was found in a cooler on the back seat of a Toyota Starlet motorcar with her throat slashed last week in the parish. Ms Campbell is the daughter of Dr. Amos Campbell, the pastor of True Vine True Holiness Church in Mandeville.

The 25-year-old Khyhymn, was found on the back seat of a car in a cooler box on the Winston Jones Highway last week.

Police say the body was nude and had what appeared to be cuts to the back and front of the neck and face. The throat had also been slashed, the police said.

Campbell told the media  that as he reflected on the injuries his daughter received, as shown in the image of how she was found in the cooler box, he felt the alleged killer was determined to ensure that she died.

“That was not a regular ice igloo. That was a portable coffin. The quicker justice is done, the better,” he said.

In a post on Facebook, Campbell outlined what he thought were the reasons for his daughter's death


"He (Linton Stephenson) could not have invested in her. I believe that he killed her for one of three reasons: 1. His girlfriend just gave him back a ring and broke an engagement. Therefore he was a very angry man. If you know psychology, this man felt the spirit of rejection which could make him feel hopeless. 2. The police were looking for him because he almost killed his girlfriend (not my daughter). What if my daughter was a witness to the threat on his girlfriend's life? 3. It seems to me that she had to die. In other words, he could not afford to make her live because he had to bury some evidence. I don't know if he raped her. I guess the autopsy will show. He has a huge post at the big Mandeville SDA church so he could feel that he had to bury any evidence that may arise," he theorised. 


Yesterday, Pastor Everett Brown, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica, condemned the murder and appealed to Stephenson to immediately turn himself over to the police.

The Manchester Police report that about 3:45 pm Thursday, lawmen went to Stephenson home in search of him when his decomposing body was found in the house. He was suspected to have been dead over 24 hours. 


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