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Woman charged with manslaughter @one876 @bounce876 @whatasinting

Woman charged with manslaughter @one876 @bounce876 @whatasinting

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A woman charged with manslaughter and negligence of a minor was denied bail when she appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court earlier this week. 

The accused, Nardia Harris, had her bail application denied by RM Annmarie Nembhard. Harris is represented by council Sandroff

"Based on the nature of the case and the seriousness, the allegations are strong that it makes me warrant to remand the accuse in custody," the judge said.

"Prosecutor, I am ordering you to launch an investigation with the relevant children agencies in regards to her other children," ordered Nembhard.

Fingerprints were ordered and following which, the clerk informed the judge that the other children were taken away from Harris.

Represented by attorney-at-law Kerry-Ann Wilson, allegations are that on January 27, 2015 Harris who was residing at Trainline in Gregory Park left her 6 months old baby alone at home and went to downtown Kingston to purchase a pack of Lasco for the baby.
On the day in question Harris asked her neighbour Ms. Heywood to keep the infant but the neighbour declined because she had her own infant to pick up at school. It is further alleged that upon returning with her daughter Heywood went to visit Harris but she didn’t respond.

A few hours later, Heywood went back to the house of Harris and called and receiving no response, went in and saw the infant face down in a bucket of water. An alarm was made and when Harris was contacted, she was nowhere in the vicinity.

Upon reaching home, she took the child from the bucket and the police came on the scene. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital and Harris charged.

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